The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) has employed Cascade Drilling Company to conduct drilling operations in the vicinity of Montclair Road—off Manetto Hill Road—in Plainview. Cascade will be installing up to seven monitoring wells as part of the 131 Sunnyside Boulevard superfund site investigation. A monitoring well is a 2-inch diameter, PVC casing pipe that begins at the surface and goes approximately 100 feet below the ground so they can take samples of the groundwater.

Please be advised that your drinking water is not in any way affected as a result of these actions. A fact sheet with additional information has been provided by the NYSDEC. If you have specific questions about this work or would like to know more about the monitoring wells, please contact the NYSDEC at 518-402-9621. Should any resident have additional questions, Residents are always welcome to contact the Plainview Water District at 516-931-6469 for additional information.


The Plainview Water District was recently notified by a resident on Ruby Lane who reported an incident where two individuals gained entry into his home by posing as water district employees. Fortunately, the homeowner was not harmed and, to his knowledge, no items were taken. The homeowner immediately notified the police. Residents should always ask for identification and check the immediate vicinity for a Plainview Water District vehicle if anyone posing as a District employee unexpectedly appears at your home. When in doubt, contact our office at 516-931-6469 to confirm the visit. If at any point you feel threatened, dial 911 immediately.