About Your Meter

Locating Your Meter

  • Your meter is generally located in one of several locations:
    • In the basement of your home
    • Near other utilities such as the furnace or water heater
    • Near the curb in front of your home (in a meter vault)
    • On your front lawn (in a meter vault)

Reading Your Meter

  • If your meter is located in a locked vault, DO NOT attempt to open it yourself. Call (516) 931-6469 to arrange to have a meter reading.
  • If your meter is not locked, follow the steps below:
    • Check your meter and write down the numbers. When reading your meter, include all the numbers on the meter, including all zeros. See “A” in the picture.
    • Save the numbers for the next time you check your meter.
    • When you check your meter again, repeat the process described above and subtract the new number from the previous number.
    • This number is the amount of water used in gallons.