Plainview Water District has the responsibility to supply clean, safe, potable water to consumers. We must implement, administer, and maintain ongoing backflow prevention and cross-connection control programs to protect the public water system from hazards originating on the premises of our customers and from temporary connections that may impair or alter the quality of the water in the public water system. The return of any water to the public water system after the water has been used for any purpose on a customer’s premises or within the customer’s piping system is unacceptable.

In addition, Plainview Water District Board of Commissioners has adopted Article VII of the Ordinances regarding our cross-connection control program. It is the policy of the District to protect the public water system by containing potential contamination within the premises of the user. Consumers are required to follow the applicable provisions of the New York State Sanitary Code, as well as the requirements set forth in the District’s Ordinances and all applicable Federal, State, and local regulatory requirements.

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