Planview Water District Informs Residents on Upcoming Maintenance to the Community’s Elevated Water Tower and its Importance

The Plainview Water District (PWD) would like inform residents that the District’s water tower will be undergoing routine maintenance beginning on October 18th. This routine cleaning process includes power washing any natural algae growth on the exterior of the tower. The District anticipates this work to be completed by October 20th.  

PWD’s elevated water tower can be seen from almost anywhere in the Plainview-Old Bethpage community and this vital piece of infrastructure plays a significant role in providing high-quality water to residents and businesses each and every day. Standing at 143 feet tall, located at one of the highest points in the community, this water tower stores more than one million gallons of water and pressurizes much of the water system. Given the importance of this piece of infrastructure, the District fulfills a routine maintenance and inspection schedule for the tower so it is always operating at peak performance.

“The PWD water tower is not only a visual staple within the community, but also a vital component of our water’s infrastructure,” said PWD Commissioner Marc Laykind. “The tower provides both water storage and system pressure at a significantly lower cost than alternative systems. With that, it must be maintained appropriately and the District has strict timelines when it comes to proper inspections and upkeep to ensure it is always ready to serve.”

Water towers are a tried-and-true method for ensuring that pressure throughout a water distribution system is consistent. Using gravity, the weight of more than one million gallons of water stored more than 100 feet in the air helps to pressurize a significant portion of the District’s nine-square-mile service territory. This system ensures homes continue to receive pressurized water even in the event of an emergency, such as a fire or water main break. During the summer months, when water usage is at its peak, it is important for residents to practice better water conservation habits to ensure tank levels remain adequate so there is ample water storage and pressure in the event of a fire emergency.

“In the event of an emergency, we want to ensure that we are prepared in every way possible,” said PWD Commissioner Andrew Bader. “Continuing best practices in relation to water consumption contributes significantly to the overall health of our infrastructure, especially the water tower. These systems are generally much more efficient to operate in comparison to other systems such as ground storage tanks or booster pumping stations. However, we always want to ensure we are doing all that we can to alleviate any additional stressors that may be caused by overconsumption when possible.”

Plainview’s water tower is given a thorough inspection by the District’s engineers twice per year. During this inspection, a detailed report of the tanks condition is produced. The reports are then reviewed by the District’s superintendent who is a licensed professional engineer. Any minor issues found during these regular inspections are corrected immediately and recommendations are made for larger capital improvement items, if applicable.

Each 2.31 feet of height provides 1.0 pound per square inch (PSI) of pressure. These elevated tanks are typically installed at the highest elevation in the system for this specific reason. The tank’s capacity is designed to provide enough volume to satisfy peak demand conditions during the summer while also having the ability to meet any demand caused by an emergency such as a fire.

“The District has always remained dedicated to our infrastructure as well as the necessary upkeep and any upgrades that can occur,” said PWD Commissioner Michael Chad. “This facility in particular receives routine inspections and any continued needed maintenance throughout the year. With all of our facilities, we remain diligent in our maintenance to make sure that we are providing our residents with the best service and quality possible.”

The Plainview Water District has 6 well sites that collectively house 12 deep groundwater wells with a total approved capacity of 24.5 million gallons per day. The District’s service area is approximately 9 square miles and makes up Plainview, Old-Bethpage and portions of Syosset and Woodbury. Typically, the District pumps approximately 1.7 billion gallons per year from the groundwater aquifer. While the allowable capacity exceeds a typical max day seasonal pumpage of 10 million gallons per day, the District must be prepared to meet fire demands, extreme weather and ability to supply water in case of equipment failures.

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