The cold winter months are upon us and the Plainview Water District would like to provide residents with some helpful tips to prepare their homes’ water system. When exposed to cold weather, water systems that are not properly prepared or winterized can be subject to breaks and/or leaks. Residents are encouraged to utilize these tips to protect their homes from any damage or disruptions caused by frozen pipes.

“Preparing your home’s water system for the colder weather is very simple, but failing to take these steps can cause problems down the road,” said Chairman Marc Laykind. “We ask everyone in the District to use this information as a guide to avoid a big and unnecessary frustration that frozen pipes can cause.”

Outdoor Water Systems:

Don’t forget to turn off those hose spigots from inside the house and leave the outside valves open to prevent freezing. This allows any trapped water to expand in freezing temperatures, preventing the pipe from bursting. Disconnect and drain all hoses and keep in a warm, dry place for reuse in the spring.

Sprinkler Systems:

Sprinkler systems should be winterized to prevent possible leaks and damage to the system. Leaks in sprinkler systems caused by burst pipes can be hard to identify when the systems return back on line, leading to increased water usage and decreased functionality.

Indoor Maintenance:

If a customer’s water service is in the boiler room or basement, check the area for broken windows or drafts. Brisk winds and freezing temperatures can cause pipes and water meters to freeze or break. In preparation, locate the main water shutoff valve in your home in case of an emergency and make sure pipes in unheated areas—like crawl spaces—are properly insulated.

It is also advised that all customers clearly label the main water shutoff valve in their home so they are prepared in the event of a water leak emergency. Shutoff valves are typically located where the water service enters the house through the foundation.

Water Lines Leading to Unheated Structures:

Be sure to shut off and drain service lines leading to any unheated structures until spring to prevent breaks.

If you have questions about preparing your home’s water system for the winter or general inquiries about your water service, please call 516-931-6469 or send an email to Customers of the Plainview Water District are also encouraged to sign up to receive updates by visiting Follow the Plainview Water District on Facebook at