Property Owners with Rental Property

All Plainview Water District customer accounts are in the name of the property owner. The Plainview Water District will, as an accommodation to the owner, add a tenant’s name to the account. Property owners should be mindful that the owner is ultimately responsible for payment of water usage.

All updates or changes to the water utility account must come at the direct written request of the property owner. Please contact the District via email at to add a tenant to an account. The District is pleased to update the account with the tenant’s name as a courtesy to the owner. However, please be advised that all water charges are the financial responsibility of the owner of the property.

When a tenant is moving in or out, it is at the owner’s discretion to request a final reading in order to obtain a final water bill, should it be deemed necessary.  A final water bill will provide an invoice for exact water consumed within the respective billing cycle. This will allow the owner to identify the precise water consumption for the current occupant at their time of departure and will commence a new billing cycle for the new occupant. The owner can also consider settling the balance directly with the departing tenant without the requirement of a final water bill based on their own discretionary allocation. If a tenant is vacating towards the end of a regular calendar quarterly billing cycle (the end of March, June, September or December) the owner may consider having the regular quarterly bill delivered to the vacating tenant without the request of a final water bill. Please be advised that there is a charge of $75.00 for the processing of each final water bill.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The financial responsibility of unpaid water bills does NOT attach to the tenant, even after they vacate the property. As previously stated, all water charges are the financial responsibility of the property owner without exception.  Any unpaid water charges shall be placed on a lien upon the real property once a year (September) and be added to the property taxes of the stated section block and lot.

Owners can contact the District and request information on their account during normal business hours. Owners can also elect to receive an e-bill to be emailed each quarter in order to provide the opportunity to view previous bills and confirm the account’s current status.