Understanding Your Bill

To help you understand your water bill, please refer to the image below and the corresponding descriptions.

A. ACCOUNT NUMBER is assigned to your account by the Water District. PIN is used for paying your bill online.

B. BILLING DATE is the date that the bill was generated. 

C. DUE DATE is the date which payment is required to be received by the District. In accordance with Section 3.5 Penalties for Non-payment and Arrearages of the District Ordinances, all bills are due and payable when rendered. A penalty of ten percent (10%) of the current amount due will be added to all water and service charges that are unpaid as of the stated due date.

D. CURRENT METER ACTIVITY indicates the previous date and water meter reading and the current date and water meter reading. Please note the reading and usage numbers are represented in thousands of gallons.

E. CURRENT CHARGES DETAIL indicates a detailed breakdown of the cost of water for the usage period of this invoice.  Water bills are calculated using the quarterly water rates as shown on the back of your invoice. The current rate structure has been a long standing tier system similar to that of many other Districts on Long Island. Plainview Water District maintains a tier-based rate structure intended to promote water conservation. The rate structure has seven tiers based on water use/consumption. This increase in cost of water based on usage provides incentives for customers to conserve water. The lowest price block or tier typically corresponds to an amount of water sufficient to meet basic indoor needs like drinking and bathing. Each subsequent tier charges a higher rate and is designed to discourage households from using water for non-essential things such as excessive irrigation and swimming pools. For example, if 22,000 gallons were consumed, the calculation as shown in the CURRENT CHARGES DETAIL demonstrates the detailed breakdown of the total CURRENT CHARGES according to the District’s current water rates.

F.  WATER USAGE HISTORY indicates a graph of your water usage for the most recent four (4) previous quarters.

G.  TOTAL DUE indicates the amount due on your due date. This amount also takes into account any prior unpaid balances and/or penalties assessed on your account.

H. PAYMENT COUPON should be detached and returned with your payment, or you can pay your bill online here.

Please also keep in mind the following information provided on the back of your invoice: