Smart Lawn Irrigation

Smart Irrigation Controllers

For water providers, the time between April and September is known as pumpage season. During this stretch of warmer weather, the Plainview Water District pumps water a much more significant rate to keep up with the water demands caused by home irrigation systems. While everyone enjoys a green lawn and healthy plants, much of the water used is wasted. Smart irrigation controllers take the mystery out of lawn watering by automatically adjusting sprinkler timing to meet the needs of your lawn. No more overwatering. No more watering before, during or after rain storms. These systems conveniently water only when needed–saving water, saving money, and saving the environment.

The Results are in and Smart Controllers Work!

Last year, POB residents that installed smart irrigation controllers saw major savings in water usage and on their water bill.

These smart irrigation controllers led to:

  • Collective water savings of 1.7 million gallons
  • Decreased average third quarter water usage per customer by 42 percent (38,000 gallons) resulting in significant cost savings