Pinhole Pilot Program

In October 2016, Plainview Water District was made aware of a pinhole leak issue happening in several homes within the District. While pinhole leaks are common across the country and across Long Island, the District saw an increased number of cases and has taken action to try to limit these leaks and assist homeowners.

In November 2016, the Pinhole Pilot Program was launched. The District began surveying homeowners, inspecting homes and consulting with the industry’s foremost experts on material corrosion. The Board of Commissioners, the Superintendent and the District as a whole have devoted all resources to this issue and we are committed to helping the residents of this community.

It is believed that there are many contributing factors to pinhole leaks. Through working with our many experts, one such factor is believed to be naturally occurring low alkalinity. The District began an alkalinity adjustment program at the beginning of this year. This was done in conjunction with and with the approval of Nassau County Department of Health. As of October 16, 2017, alkalinity in the District’s water is running at higher levels throughout distribution. Data has shown that this type of adjustment may very well begin to limit the cases of pinhole leaks however, this will take some time.

If you do experience a leak, please report it to the District by completing our pinhole survey, even if it is a new leak.

So, is our water safe to drink? Yes. The water is continuously tested and is safe to drink. It meets or exceeds all local and Federal regulations including standards set by New York State Department of Health, Nassau County Department of Health and Environmental Protection Agency.

Pinhole Fact Sheet and FAQ