Award Given for Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) Pilot Studies

District Leads Long Island with Six AOP Treatment Systems Installed

The Plainview Water District (PWD) is proud to announce it has received the Gold Engineering Excellence Award from the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) New York for their Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) pilot studies done in conjunction with their consulting engineers from H2M architects + engineers. This award represents all of the hard work the PWD has put in over the past several years in piloting AOP treatment systems to treat the community’s drinking water for the emerging contaminant 1,4-dioxane. The initial pilot studies completed have now culminated into the District having six AOP systems up and running in record time.

“Receiving the Gold Engineering Excellence Award is a testament to the dedication from everyone here at the Plainview Water District and our consultants at H2M architects + engineers,” said PWD Chairman Marc Laykind. “Our commitment to the rapid installation of AOP treatment systems to ensure the safety of our residents’ drinking water has been second to none these past few years. We are truly honored to have the recognition from ACEC New York for our collective efforts.”

Before installing the new AOP water treatment technology, water providers were required to test the efficacy of the treatment systems by conducting pilot studies on each impacted wells. These studies and the data generated were instrumental in allowing the District to quickly construct full-scale AOP treatment systems. This award further cements the PWD as a leader in this island-wide treatment endeavor as the information collected during the pilot period was instrumental to the deployment of AOP systems throughout the District.

“All of us at the Plainview Water District are committed to not only distributing the highest quality water possible, but being leaders in water treatment,” said PWD Commissioner Amanda Field. “From my fellow commissioners and staff as well as our engineers, this award is a reflection on our team and speaks volumes to their dedication to keeping the water flowing safely and efficiently in Plainview-Old Bethpage.”

The most recent AOP system to come online, at Plant 3 on Orchard Street, is a $2.2 million system specifically designed to produce up to two million gallons per day of the highest quality drinking water for the Plainview-Old Bethpage community. The PWD now has the ability to treat over 11 million gallons of water every day for 1,4-dioxane. The District had planned these treatment facilities back in 2018, two years before these regulations were put into effect. Due to their efforts, the PWD was able to ensure all water being distributed to the community was in compliance with the maximum contaminant level (MCL) regulations before they went into effect.

“Our team here at the PWD has been nothing short of spectacular in getting these facilities up and running as quickly as they did,” said PWD Commissioner Andrew Bader. “Our District has always been committed to making the necessary investments to benefit the community, but this recent wave of infrastructure needs was certainly unprecedented in both size and scope. We are honored to have this award to recognize all of the progress we have made.”

Since 2017, the Plainview Water District has been awarded over $9 million in infrastructure grant money in order to build these necessary AOP treatment facilities. The removal of 1,4-dioxane from wells across Long Island is estimated to cost $840 million in capital investments with an additional $50 million per year in increased operating and maintenance costs.

The Gold Engineering Excellence Award Given to the Plainview Water District from ACEC New York.

Simple Steps to Protect Against Freezing Pipes and Related Disruptions

The heart of the winter will be here before you know it and, as it does every year, the colder weather can wreak havoc on a home’s water system if it isn’t properly prepared. The Plainview Water District (PWD) wants all residents are prepared for the coming temperature drop by ensuring they have the tools and tips to properly protect their water systems this winter.  

“There are fairly simple tips to prepare your home’s water system for the cold winter months, but failing to do so can have some costly consequences if areas in your home are not protected,” said PWD Chairman Marc Laykind. “When water systems are not adequately winterized, they become subject to breaks and/or leaks when exposed to stretches of cold weather. By following these tips, our residents can help themselves avoid the grief and expense that frozen pipes can bring.”

All Plainview-Old Bethpage residents are encouraged to use these tips to help avoid any damage caused by frozen pipes:

Outdoor Water Systems:

  • Don’t forget to turn off those hose spigots from inside the house and leave the outside valves open to prevent freezing.
    • This allows any trapped water to expand in freezing temperatures, preventing the pipe from bursting.
  • Disconnect and drain all hoses and keep in a warm, dry place for reuse in the spring.

Sprinkler Systems:

  • Sprinkler systems should be winterized to prevent possible leaks and damage to the system.
  • Leaks in sprinkler systems caused by burst pipes can be hard to identify when the systems return back on line, leading to increased water usage and decreased functionality.

Indoor Maintenance:

  • If a customer’s water service is in the boiler room or basement, check the area for broken windows or drafts.
    • Brisk winds and freezing temperatures can cause pipes and water meters to freeze or break.
  • In preparation, locate the main water shutoff valve in your home in case of an emergency and make sure pipes in unheated areas—like crawl spaces—are properly insulated.
  • It is also advised that all customers clearly label the main water shutoff valve in their home so they are prepared in the event of a water leak emergency.
    • Shutoff valves are typically located where the water service enters the house through the foundation.

Water Lines Leading to Unheated Structures:

  • Be sure to shut off and drain service lines leading to any unheated structures until spring to prevent breaks.

District Headquarters to Serve as an Official Drop-Off Location for the Charitable Foundation

In order to spread holiday spirit throughout the Plainview-Old Bethpage community, the Plainview Water District (PWD) is once again proud to partner with the Toys for Tots Foundation, sponsored by the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve. The PWD headquarters, located at 10 Manetto Hill Road, will serve as an official drop-off location for the foundation. The District encourages residents to donate new and unwrapped gifts to help less fortunate children,

“With so facing difficulties throughout this last 18 months or so, many of our neighbors could really use a lift in spirits this holiday season,” said PWD Chairman Marc Laykind. “Even the smallest gift donation can go a long way with a child who would otherwise be left out during the holidays. We encourage all those able to support this program in Plainview-Old Bethpage to help us bring some joy to children in need this year.”

New and unwrapped gift donations can be dropped off at the PWD headquarters beginning on Monday, November 1 until Friday, December 10. Since the District started this partnership several years ago, hundreds of toys have been donated from the community to support this cause.

The U.S. Marine Corps Reserve ‘Toys for Tots’ Foundation is a nonprofit organization that aims to provide all children across the United States with happiness and joy throughout the holiday season. Through the gift of a new toy, disadvantaged children will not be overlooked during the holidays, and will know that a community of people cares for them.

The Plainview Water District thanks the community in advance for their generous contribution.

Expired or Unwanted Medications are Properly Disposed to Keep from Entering Community’s Sole-Source Aquifer

The Plainview Water District (PWD) successfully hosted its fourth annual Pharmaceutical Take Back Day and collected over 320 pounds of unwanted or expired medications. These medications will now be disposed of properly in order to prevent them from making it into the community’s sole-source aquifer for drinking water. This District has now collected and properly disposed of more than 1,100 pounds of medications since it began this annual event four years ago.

“Each year, we are so pleased to offer this opportunity to our residents as the turn out clearly represents a need for this type of service,” said PWD Chairman Marc Laykind. “The District’s Preserving Plainview initiative is important and we are so proud of the embrace it has had within the community. We look forward to continuing the offering of this event every year that provides so much benefit to our environment and water supply.”

When someone improperly disposes of prescription and over-the-counter medicines, such as flushing them down the toilet or throwing them away in the garbage, there is a likelihood that the medications’ contents will ultimately make their way into the community waterways and water supply. If there is an elevated presence of toxins from pharmaceuticals in the groundwater, the District will have no choice but to invest in expensive treatment systems so the contaminants can be removed before they reach customers’ homes.

“The response from the Plainview-Old Bethpage community has been tremendous by the amount of pharmaceuticals disposed of this year,” said PWD Commissioner Amanda Field. “We continue to surpass the previous years’ collections totals and that is very encouraging that more and more residents see the importance of their proper disposal. Thank you to all those who took time out of their day to participate!”

This year’s Pharmaceutical Take Back Day was once again held in partnership with the Nassau County Police Department. This anonymous, contactless drive-thru event included social distancing and safety protocols which helped the District bolster participation. The event was held at the PWD headquarters at 10 Manetto Hill Road on Saturday, October 23.

“Protecting our water source from any potential harmful substances is something that requires a community-wide effort and one that this community has time and time again embraced,” said PWD Commissioner Andrew Bader. “Our environment and our waterways are in better shape due to those who participated this year and we look forward to seeing them and more of their neighbors next year.”

For additional information about the Plainview Water District, please call (516) 931-6469 or visit the Plainview Water District website at Residents can also sign up to receive information by submitting their email address through the District’s homepage or following them on Facebook in order to stay up-to-date with District activities and initiatives.