District Was Awarded the Funding to Continue Water Treatment Infrastructure Upgrades for Emerging Contaminants

Plainview, N.Y.—The Plainview Water District (PWD) was recently awarded two additional grants totaling $6.4 million as part of New York State’s Water Infrastructure Improvement Act (WIIA). The funding will help with costs associated with constructing state-of-the-art water treatment facilities at the District’s Plant 3 and Plant 4 well sites for the removal of emerging contaminants. With this latest award, the Plainview Water District has now secured more than $34 million in grants from New York State over the past five years.

“We are thankful to Governor Hochul and the state representatives that have made this funding available as it will help us bolster our mission of providing the best possible water to the Plainview-Old Bethpage community,” said PWD Chairman Marc Laykind “The Plainview Water District is proud to have made substantial improvements to our treatment facilities and related infrastructure projects and this funding will help cover a majority of the costs associated with the investment that our residents will not have to bear.”

The Plainview Water District currently has six advanced oxidation process (AOP) treatment systems in use across its service territory and has been delivering water in compliance with the new strict water quality standards established by New York State. Plainview Water District’s AOP systems were put in place and running long before the NYS compliance date back in 2020. These systems, when coupled with granular activated carbon (GAC) filtration tanks, are the only approved method of removing 1,4-dioxane from the public drinking water supply. Securing more than $34 million in grant funding has been crucial to absorb the necessary investment associated with constructing these required treatment facilities at impacted plant sites throughout the District.

“The PWD is thrilled that we are able to continue to secure these grants on behalf of our residents that will allow us to continue improving upon the high-quality water we deliver to the POB community for decades to come,” said PWD Commissioner Amanda Field. “Our team has been laser focused on the issue of emerging contaminants for years now and we are extremely proud that our efforts have paid off for our community as we never sought or required a compliance extension for the State’s new regulations. We are appreciative of the continued support from our region’s elected officials as it will lessen the monetary impact these significant investments will have on our residents.”

The Clean Water Infrastructure Act of 2017 seeks to invest $2.5 billion in wastewater and drinking water projects and water quality protection across New York State. It provides at least $1 billion for the New York State WIIA, which assists municipalities in funding water quality infrastructure. To date, $900 million in Water Infrastructure Improvement Act and Intermunicipal Grant funding supports nearly $4.5 billion in total project costs for vital drinking and wastewater infrastructure projects statewide.

“We have been persistent in our mission of constructing new and improved treatment facilities, at the lowest cost possible and without sacrificing quality,” said PWD Commissioner Andrew Bader. “Our residents can rest assured that they are receiving the highest quality water possible and the continued investments being made will ensure that is the case for the future generations of POB residents.”

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