Plainview Water District Commissioners Take Prominent Roles in Long Island’s Water Industry

PWD Chairman Marc Laykind re-elected to serve for three more years

Commissioner Andrew Bader elected chairman of the Long Island Water Conference

Commissioner Amanda Field elected president of the Nassau Suffolk Water Commissioners Association

Plainview, NY (January 19, 2021)—The Plainview Water District (PWD) is proud to announce that all three of its commissioners have recently won important elections throughout Long Island’s water industry. Chairman Marc Laykind won his re-election bid to continue serving on the Plainview Water District’s board of commissioners. Additionally, Commissioner Andrew Bader was elected to serve as the chairman of the Long Island Water Conference (LIWC) and Commissioner Amanda Field was elected to serve as the president of the Nassau Suffolk Water Commissioners Association (NSWCA). All three of Plainview’s commissioners now hold leadership roles within Long Island’s water industry.

Commissioner Laykind now enters his 3rd term as a PWD Commissioner. He has been a part of the Plainview-Old Bethpage (POB) community for over 27 years and, as Chairman, he is committed to ensuring that our public water supply is of the highest quality and affordable for residents. Laykind is an active member of the Long Island Water Conference and Nassau Suffolk Water Commissioners Association. In addition to his water district responsibilities, Laykind is a practicing attorney.

“I personally want to thank all of the Plainview-Old Bethpage residents who continue to put their trust in me to oversee our most precious natural resource,” said PWD Chairman Marc Laykind. “I’d also like to congratulate my fellow commissioners, Andrew Bader and Amanda Field, for their appointments to chair the these two highly respected organizations that advance water causes for all Long Islanders. This is big for our District as it not only speaks to the work that we have collectively been able to accomplish here in Plainview, but the impact it has had on Long Island’s water industry as a whole.”

Andrew Bader has proudly served the POB community as Commissioner of the water district since 2010. Mr. Bader has worked tirelessly in his tenure to ensure Plainview residents are served the highest quality water possible while also helping to push for greater conservation measures to preserve this important natural resource for future generations. Commissioner Bader is also the former president of the Nassau Suffolk Water Commissioners Association and a member of the American Water Works Association. By day, Mr. Bader a Vice President at Mercury Tax Service, Inc.

“In addition to my responsibilities as a Plainview Water District commissioner, I am truly honored to hold this leadership role at the Long Island Water Conference and continue to advance the needs of our industry for the betterment of our communities and all the residents of Long Island,” said Commissioner Andrew Bader. “We will continue to work very hard this year and beyond to make sure that all Long Islanders continue to receive the highest quality water.”

Commissioner Amanda Field has served on the board of the PWD since winning her initial election in 2016. As a PWD Commissioner, Field has led several initiatives with the local school districts to provide younger generations with a greater appreciation for their community’s most precious natural resource: water. These efforts have led to a more robust list of opportunities for students of all ages to learn about the operations of the PWD and their water supply. Commissioner Field is also recognized for her leadership role in implementing the District’s Preserve Plainview campaign that aims to bring awareness and educate the many ways residents can protect our region’s sole-source aquifer. During her tenure with both the LIWC and NSWCA, Commissioner Field has worked to educate area elected officials on the issues surrounding the water industry and was instrumental in successfully fighting for the availability of grant funding for new treatment facilities.

“I appreciate the support of my colleagues in the water industry and the confidence they have placed in me to lead the NSWCA for the next year,” said Commissioner Amanda Field. “As president, I will bring the same energy and apply my experiences as a commissioner in Plainview to advocate for the issues impacting all commissioner-run water district’s throughout Long Island including initiatives to improve water quality and access to funding for treatment projects.”

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Caption: (L-R) – PWD Commissioners Marc Laykind, Amanda Field and Andrew Bader.