Plainview Water District Stresses Responsible Pool Filling This Summer

The Plainview Water District (PWD) is committed to ensuring all residents conserve water this summer and one of the ways they can do so is with responsible filling and maintenance of swimming pools. As part of its Preserve Plainview initiative, the District is providing a host of useful tips that will ensure water is not unnecessarily being wasted from a resident’s swimming pool.

“With so many residents in the Plainview-Old Bethpage community having pools, it is important to stay informed about some of the best practices for filling and maintaining their water levels,” said PWD Chairman Marc Laykind. “Each summer, millions of gallons of water are wasted due to leaks and other inefficient practices. We hope that by raising awareness about some simple measures, we can start reversing this trend and cut down on this unnecessary water waste.”

Recommended Tips for Filling Pools:

  • Check for any possible holes or leaks in the liner before filling up.
  • Don’t leave the pool unattended when it is being filled. Someone should remain present at all times to avoid overfilling and expedite shut off in case of an emergency.
    • NEVER leave a pool filling overnight.
  • Pools should be covered when not in use. Hundreds of gallons of water per month can be lost due to evaporation.
  • Only add chemicals to the pool when it is full, and add only what you need according to the pool manual. This will avoid improper levels, which would cause you to empty out and refill the pool.
  • As an additional precaution, always use a hose connection vacuum breaker to prevent water flow reversal.
  • Always be mindful of children. Ensure your pool is properly fenced and has a pool alarm.

“Recent news reports have stated that the cost of chlorine is increasing and its availability is becoming more scarce,” added Commissioner Laykind. “Following each of these tips could also help out with conserving your chlorine supplies.”