Update on DEC Monitoring Wells

Please be advised that recent activity of monitoring well installation by the Department of Conservation (DEC) is not at all related to your drinking water. Upon recently learning about this work, we contacted the DEC and they have stated they are installing monitoring wells to sample the groundwater at depths of between 150 – 350 feet below grade. For reference, our supply wells are 500 feet or more in depth. These monitoring wells are a good thing as they provide accurate field data for tracking of a legacy spill from the former gas stations on Old Country Road and Plainview Road. The DEC projected any possible impact at over 100 years from now. The Plainview Water District is not involved in this activity, but we are monitoring its progress and will relay any information that is important for our community. Residents should rest assured that these activities DO NOT impact our supply wells and the intended purpose of a monitoring well is to ensure we know well in advance if our production facilities are to one day be impacted so we can prepare accordingly. Again, your water remains as safe as always to drink and its quality is not impacted whatsoever by this activity.