Water Main Breaks Anticipated with Colder Weather

Plainview Water District Quick to Repair Any Breaks

The Plainview Water District would like to remind residents that water main breaks occur more often during the winter months, but are a completely normal experience for this time of year. Fortunately, the District has a highly trained staff that is capable of quickly addressing these potentially emergency situations to a degree where nearby residents may not even know a break has

“Water main breaks are an unfortunate reality in any area that experiences extreme cold, and Long Island certainly qualifies,” said Marc Laykind, chairman of the Plainview Water District. “The good news is that we in the Plainview Water District have an experienced staff that responds to breaks 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to minimize any potential interruptions to your water supply as much as possible.”  

As the case with all cold-weather climates, water main breaks are an unfortunate reality as they typically occur when there is movement in the soil surrounding the water pipes or a freeze/thawing condition. Water mains are installed below the frost line; however, when the soil shrinks or swells it places pressure on the pipes causing a break. Though the length of time to repair a leak varies from incident to incident depending on its severity and how quickly the leak can be located, PWD employees are trained to repair all types of breaks efficiently, quickly and safely.

“Water main breaks present an opportunity for residents to experience a drop in water pressure or discolored water,” said PWD Commissioner Amanda Field. “Luckily, both of these are temporary as our dedicated crews react quickly to each break and do whatever they can to limit potential interruptions to our residents’ water service while the repair is being made.” 

When water service is restored, residents may notice air in their pipes and the water may be discolored. The discoloration is not harmful, but can stain laundry. If you experience discolored water, let the cold water run from a faucet or tub at the closest area to your incoming service line for a few minutes or until it clears. 

“While we have systems in place to learn about main breaks shortly after they occur, there are situations where they are not easily detected,” said PWD Commission Andrew Bader. “Anytime someone suspects there may be a water main break in their neighborhood, they should never hesitate to contact us and report the situation. The quicker we can locate a break, the quicker we can respond to it, and the quicker the issue can be resolved. While most main breaks are not dire emergencies, they can lead to one if left unattended.”

The Plainview Water District asks for residents’ help in reporting potential main breaks. Residents that notice areas of wetness along the curb, bubbling of water in the roadway or unexplainable icy conditions are encouraged to contact the Plainview Water District immediately at 516-931-6469.